Sydney Chaffee

humanities teacher | 2017 National teacher of the year | 2017 MASSACHUSETTS TEACHER OF THE YEAR 


Students and teachers can change the world together.

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Photo: Lesley University


About me:

I've taught ninth grade Humanities at Codman Academy in Boston, MA, since 2007. My class, "Justice & Injustice," is an interdisciplinary exploration of the ways that colonialism has caused injustice in the world throughout history, how people have resisted those injustices, and how they have defined and worked towards justice for themselves and their communities. My students are brilliant, funny, passionate, and engaged citizens who are determined to make the world a better and more just place.

As 2017 National Teacher of the Year, I have spoken to audiences around the country about the beauty, the power, and the world-changing potential of teaching and learning.

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I believe:

Social justice belongs in our schools.

Each of our students deserves access to a transformative, equitable education.

Teachers are experts in education.

Vulnerability is brave.